Eco-industrial park

Grundartangi has ambition to become an Eco-industrial park with focus on circular economy. The goal is to take lead in actions against climate change as well as being in the forefront in the development of circular economy globally. This is done by ensuring sustainable use of resources and enabling circular economy within the area.

The companies operating in the area have signed a sustainability policy for Grundartangi and are working towards circular economy by improving utilization of resources and infrastructure.


Grundartangi is one of Iceland’s leading industry areas. It is located in West Iceland, 45 km from the Reykjavik capital area and 15 km from the town Akranes, together with total of 240,000 inhabitants. Grundartangi has excellent harbour, good infrastructure, efficient transport possibilities and good electricity access for small and large industries. The current industrial operation at Grundartangi offers opportunities and favourable conditions for businesses to grow in a sustainable way.


The Eco-industrial park creates an exciting environment for companies that seek opportunities in sustainability and want to take part in the development of the area for the future. All companies operating at Grundartangi have set ambitious goals to increase sustainability within their operations, in line with the sustainability policy of
the Eco-industrial park. Furthermore, the parks vision supports the government ́s goals regarding climate and circular economy.

The area at Grundartangi has many advantages as an Eco-industrial park. It has a defined area of land, the electricity comes from renewable sources and the areas products are fully recyclable or organic. Byproducts are already well utilized in chemical and construction industries and more opportunities lie ahead in various operations.

Advantages of the Grundartangi Eco-industrial park are therefore various and can result in increased revenues, improved image, savings, and reduced risk.

     Minimization of enviromental impact

     Increased access of grants and green financing

     Optimal utilization of materials

     Good access to employees






The development of the park is in the hands of Grundartangi Development Association, a company founded by the nearby municipalities and the landowner at Grundartangi. For further information please contact us at