Grundartangi Eco-industrial park

The purpose of Grundartangi Development Association is to take advantage of the unique opportunities of the area by connecting the nearby municipalities and the companies at Grundartangi with economic, social, and environmental interests in mind and support the growth of an eco-industrial park developing circular economy at Grundartangi.

Grundartangi is one of Iceland's leading industry areas. It is located in west Iceland, 45 km from Reykjavik area and 15 km from Akranes, together with around 240.000 inhabitants. Grundartangi has excellent harpbour area, good infrastructure, efficient transport possibilities and good electricity access for small and large industries. There are 21 companies operating at Grundartangi and thereof two major industrial companies, Norðurál Century Aluminium and Elkem Iceland. The current industrial operation at Grundartangi creates opportunities and favourable conditions for new businesses to grow in a sustainable way utilizing excess energy.

Grundartangi is open to welcome new businesses in accordance to the area's strategy and vision. Below is an overview of vacant land at Grundartangi:

For information on Grundartangi Development Company please contact us by mail, grundartangi@grundartangi.is, or phone, +354 8623951.